Benefactor of Yoshinkan Aikido Malaysia

YAM Benefactor

Anybody who came to see Takeno Takafumi Shihan's celebrated demonstration of Aikido in Kuala Lumpur in the year 2003 would have been curious to notice, amid a sea of white Aikido jackets, a tall elderly man in a short sleeved shirt and slacks sitting quietly and taking in the show.

It would have been easy to conclude that the man, perhaps there to see one of his grandchildren perform, had without realizing sat in the same row as the senior instructors. However, the respect he drew from those around him and the twinkle in his eye suggested otherwise.

This was a typical reaction to Mr Robert Choong Ewe Jin, a friend of Yoshinkan Aikido Malaysia, who passed away in the year 2005. His unassuming manner was in contrast to his eminent status among the Aikido community in Malaysia and his own privileged background.

Mr Choong was born into a prominent family from Penang. He took a degree from Trinity College, Cambridge in the early 1950s and lived in England for many years.Before taking up Aikido, Mr Choong had already achieved a black belt in Judo. After returning to Penang, he began studying the Yoshinkan style of Aikido under Francis Ramasamy Shihan and earned a 4th Dan black belt.

But Mr Choong did more than just learn Aikido techniques. He adopted the very spirit of Aikido in the way he led his life, including the notion that both giving and receiving are equally important in mastering the art of harmony.

In doing so Mr Choong lent his generous support over many years to Yoshinkan Aikido Malaysia. His kindness, for instance, allowed us to construct a training centre in the heart of Petaling Jaya in Jalan Gasing.We would like to express our deepest appreciation and gratitude in recognition of his tireless contribution. Yoshinkan Aikido Malaysia aims to cultivate the same true spirit which Mr Choong embodied in his legacy.
"May the memories and dreams of Mr Robert Choong for the development of Yoshinkan Aikido be with us throughout our training in the dojos that he helped to establish."
- Sonny Loke